I remember that when I was younger I was very interested in the subject of hackers, programming and that kind of stuff. At that time I barely knew how to program and everything seemed very complex to me. Now, although it still seems to me a quite difficult world, I have decided to get interested and start learning. The truth is that I was a little lost and didn’t know where to start, so a quick google search led me to TryHackMe, a platform where they have a kind of courses called learning paths focused on practice that have caught my attention.

Today I finished the Pre Security learning path. It has been a bit basic, but I guess it’s normal, you have to establish a good foundation to reach high!

The contents of this learning path have been:

Network Fundamentals

  • What is Networking
  • Intro to LAN
  • OSI Model
  • Packets & Frames
  • Extending your Network

How the Web Works

  • DNS in detail
  • HTTP in detail
  • How websites work
  • Putting it all together

Linux Fundamentals

  • Linux Fundamentals Part 1: Essential commands
  • Linux Fundamentals Part 2: SSH, Advanced commands, File System interaction
  • Linux Fundamentals Part 3: Common utilities

Windows Fundamentals

  • Windows Fundamentals Part 1: NTFS, UAC, Control panel
  • Windows Fundamentals Part 2: System Configuration, UAC Settings, Resource Monitoring, Windows Registry
  • Windows Fundamentals Part 3: Windows Updates, Windows Security, Bitlocker