Following TryHackMe‘s approach to learning paths, as soon as I finished the previous one I started with the Offensive Penstesting Learning Path.
In this learning path I have put into practice many of the concepts seen in the previous learning paths, thus reinforcing the learning. In addition I have learned about Buffer Overflow in Windows and Active Directory in Windows as well.

The content of this learning path has been:

Advanced Exploitation

  • CTF: Alfred
  • CTF: HackPark
  • CTF: Game Zone
  • CTF: Skynet
  • CTF: Daily Bugle
  • CTF: Overpass 2 – Hacked
  • CTF: Relevant
  • CTF: Internal

Buffer Overflow Exploitation

  • Buffer Overflow Prep
  • Guided CTF: Brainstorm
  • Guided CTF: Gatekeeper
  • CTF: Brainpan 1

Active Directory

  • Active Directory Basics
  • Breaching Active Directory
  • Enumerating Active Directory
  • Lateral Movement and Pivoting
  • Exploiting Active Directory
  • Persisting Active Directory
  • Credentials Harvesting

Extra Credit

  • Hacking with PowerShell
  • CTF: Corp
  • CTF: Mr Robot CTF
  • CTF: Retro