After finishing the Pre Security Learning Path of TryHackMe, I have completed the learning path called Complete Beginner.

In this learning path I have learned fundamental concepts of networking, web hacking, cryptography and basic computer exploitation.

I found it deeply entertaining and practical, I recommend it to anyone who wants to start learning about cybersecurity!

The contents of this learning path (ignoring the contents given in previous learning paths) have been:

Network Exploitation Basics

  • Introductory Networking
  • Nmap
  • Network Services

Web Hacking Fundamentals

  • Burp Suite: The Basics
  • OWASP Top 10
  • Guided CTF: OWASP Juice Shop
  • Upload Vulnerabilities
  • Guided CTF: Pickle Rick


  • Hashing – Crypto 101
  • John The Ripper
  • Encryption – Crypto 101

Windows Exploitation Basics

  • Active Directory Basics
  • Metasploit: Introduction
  • Metasploit: Exploitation
  • Metasploit: Meterpreter
  • Guided CTF: Blue

Shells and Privilege Escalation

  • Reverse & Bind Shells
  • Common Linux Privesc
  • Guided CTF: Linux Privesc

Basic Computer Exploitation

  • Guided CTF: Vulnversity
  • Guided CTF: Basic Pentesting
  • Guided CTF: Kenobi
  • CTF: Steel Mountain